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Empower & Help Kids with ADHD!

We Want Kids with ADHD to WIN!

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It's Time to Help Kids with ADHD!

Your donation will be helping us to give these wonderful Kids the care they need to really draw out their gifts and talents. Our holistic multi-pronged caring approach to working with Kids with ADHD and their families has been written up and researched by experts. We have pulled this comprehensive knowledge into one working model that gives each child and teenager the advantage they need to be successful!

Our Care Model will cover these costs: Certified ADHD Life Coach; Student Advocate; Tutoring; Extra-curricular activities; Additional mental health assistance, as needed; Assistance with Preparation & Selection of Higher Education - college or vocational school. (Costs will be covered up to Board approved amounts and based upon a family's Adjusted Gross Income)

Our program model also works with these Kids to perform acts of kindness. For those Kids that stay in our program through high school graduation and have performed community related Acts of Kindness, they will be awarded a Kindness Scholarship to be applied to their Higher Education program. This was Anthony's Way of being kind and loving!

THANK YOU for your Kindness and Caring to make Anthony's Way - The Road to Kindness come ALIVE!